German Reclam book,
Heinrich Heine,

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Reclam miniature

Heinrich Heine
Neue Gedichte
language: German


Poems from Heinrich Heine in a book from the time around 1900/1910. There is no exact date mentioned in this volume.

Published by famous Reclam, Leipzig, as a ‘miniature’. Reclam was used for decades, even centuries, mostly by students and professors. These miniature volumes come in the Reclam-specific small size, they are beautiful designed, very special to look at and to touch.

This book is used and quite old, but it was handled with care and is in a good vintage condition.

Heinrich Heine
Neue Gedichte
language: German

Measurements approx:
height = 17.5 cm = 6.9 inch
width = 12 cm = 4.7 inch

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